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First, and most importantly, I expect there to be thoughtful, pertinent conversation about the readings daily.  In order to help this process along, I will provide you with several questions to think about as you read every evening that we will discuss in class the next day.  If you think about the topics as you read, then you will be prepared to contribute to the conversation.

Every evening you will record your questions, observations, and ruminations on the assigned reading in a dual-entry journal.  A dual-entry journal entry will consist of a page divided into two columns: one for jotting down a passage from the text, complete with page numbers, and the other for responding to the passage.  Read the questions before reading the chapter.  This will help focus your reading and help you find good quotes for your journal.  You do not have to answer each of the questions; they are there to guide you.  Feel free to use them as prompts for your journal if you like.

Each class session will begin with a five-minute writing exercise focusing on a question from the previous night’s reading assignment.  This exercise will help you to recall important aspects of the reading, provide a jumping off point for conversation, hone your essay writing skills, and hone your critical thinking skills.


Your grade for this unit will be based on portfolios consisting of the following:

--A selection of your in-class writing assignments (pick the ones you like the most)

--A selection of your dual journal entries

--An essay (topics will be discussed later)

--Class participation