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Richard III 1.1

When viewing this clip from McKellen's Richard III look for when the tone changes, when the scene changes, and when he notices the audience (you) in the mirror. 

  1. What is the effect of each of these directorial decisions?

  2. What is the effect of staging the opening of the speech in public when the text stages it as a private soliloquy?

Richard III 1.2 

  1. What is the deal with Anne? 

  2. Why does she agree to marry Richard at the end of the scene? 

  3. Does she believe his flattery; his apparent penitence; does she have an ulterior motive?

  4. What is the effect of staging this scene in private when the text suggests it is a public event?

  5. How does the scene change when the dead body is Anne's husband, Edward, rather than his father, King Henry VI?

Richard III 3.7

  1. How does the relationship between Buckingham & Richard change from the beginning of the scene to the end of the scene?

  2. How does having a crowd of commoners change the tone & purpose of the scene?

  3. What do we learn about Richard at the end of the scene?  What does Buckingham learn about Richard?  Are you surprised?  Is Buckingham?

Richard III 3.7

  1. Spacey's voiceover links this scene to modern politics and elections.  What does the scene suggest about the electorate? 

  2. Look carefully at Richard's expression at 2:34.  What is his attitude toward the people?  Why? 

  3. Why go through the charade in the first place?

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Richard III 1.3

  1. Watch as this group of actors discuss how a character should be portrayed based on their understanding of the play as a whole.  Do you agree with the ultimate decision?

  2. How does he get away with it?

Richard III 3.7

  1. How is the relationship between Richard and Buckingham different in this version than in the Olivier version?

  2. How does this version emphasis the irony and cynicism of the scene and the play?